Sunday, August 17, 2014


Hello everyone!

Today is the big day! I will be beginning a step called Aspirancy this afternoon, along with two other girls. My wallet is empty, my bank account is closed. I used all the change I had left in my wallet to buy an iced Chai. My younger sister is inheriting my laptop. I have everything I need for Postulancy. 

Marlee, Jodi and I will spend the next month preparing for our official entrance on September 14th, when we will begin Postulancy. I am so ready to jump into this next phase of formation, and trusting that God will continue to lead me each step of the way!

I have had a wonderful time visiting with my family the last few weeks; we did everything that we love to do together, and enjoyed our time. This weekend, my mom and one of my sisters came to Los Angeles to help me with a few last minute details. It is a time of a lot of joy and a lot of sad goodbyes.

My mom will post updates here from time to time. The Sisters also post updates and pictures on their website ( There will be pictures after our entrance on September 14th.

I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported me throughout this journey; it has been overwhelming and humbling to hear from people who have reached out to me. 

You can be assured of my prayers!

In His Sacred Heart,

"I've been captured in the loving nets of the divine fisherman. I wish I could make you understand this happiness." - St. Teresa of the Andes